Belt Size Chart

 Waist Size (inches) Belt Size (cm) Belt Size (inches)
28-30 80 30-32
30-32 85 32-34
32-34 90 34-36
34-36 95 36-38
36-38 100 38-40
38-40 105 42-44
40-42 110 44-46
44-46 120 46-48
46-48 125 48-50
48-50 130 50-52


Please measure the circumference of your waist (all the way around/360 degrees) 
To select the correct size please use measuring tape for the body to measure your waist (it only takes 30 seconds). Whatever your waist size is; your belt size will be two inches larger. For example if your waist measures 32 inches, your belt size will be 34 inches (90cm rounded to the nearest whole number).

Belt size is measured from the buckle hole to the middle hole (third hole) of the belt.

Please Note: Your waist size for your jeans will not be the same as waist size measured with measuring tape for the body; please measure your waist before ordering.

Taking measurements saves hassle, money and time for both you, the customer and us as a business and it only takes 30 seconds. Measuring tape for the body costs less than £5 and saves the shipping cost and time wasted of returning or exchanging items.